What we are looking for

We are looking for dedicated players who want to join us regularly and strive to improve at all aspects of open field fighting. In particular you must be willing to take criticism when it is justified and be ready to adjust your builds as required to suit our guild needs. It is also highly recommended that you have a microphone and that you are able to talk on Teamspeak 3.

If you wish to join BEAR only for WvW, you must ensure that you attend at least 3 times a week for our guild raids. Otherwise, the usual representation requirements apply (see main page). You must also be willing to transfer to Blackgate or be on Blackgate (or whatever server BEAR may be residing on in the future).

In addition, our current class requirements are as follows:

Guardian - Medium
Warrior - High
Mesmer - Low
Ranger - None
Necromancer - Medium
Thief - Low
Elementalist - Medium
Engineer - None

Raid Videos

Coming soon.

Application Form

If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to complete the following form and we will get back to you.

Game Character Name:
Full In Game ID:
Main Class:
Able to use Teamspeak with Microphone:
How long have you been playing GW2 for:
How many hours do you play per week (round to closest):
Are you interested in GvGs/Scrims:
Are you currently residing on Blackgate:
What is the main reason you are joining us for: