WELCOME! to the home of the [BEAR] squad

BEAR was founded in the early days of Guild Wars 2 on Sea of Sorrows and are now cross server on both Blackgate and Sea of Sorrows. Our core members are friends or friends of friends from various gaming guilds or acquaintances in the past. Some of our members were from Warcraft 3's Clan NotD (Night of the Dead) based on Bored Aussies. Others came from other games such as Battlefield 2 or Counter Strike. We're a small group of players that enjoy a challenge and focus on quality over quantity. In Guild Wars 2 we do everything from PvE to WvW to tPvP. The majority of BEAR consists of Australians with some of our members being from the United States.

We are small and welcoming guild that does PvE, PVP, WvWvW, Dungeons, Dynamic Events, Open world content and more.

Contact one of us in game or check out our recruitment page to inquire about joining [BEAR]. We don't require a teamspeak interview to join so don't be scared to contact us.

Fifty Shades of BEAR - Guild Leaders

wootrick.4168 Elle Kingfisher
fishball.7204 Asünà
Xenotype.1468 Cyradis Amnell

Elle Kingfisher is in charge of the general queries and join requests for BEAR.

Asünà does nothing.

For everything else, there's Cyradis Amnell.

Fifty Shades of BEAR - Guild Officers & Contacts

Arakhne.8102 Janski Arakhne
Railgun.2357 Railgunx
Virilunt.5619 Virilunt
EmmRaw.3892 Capt Red Beard
packagedcrisps.6902 Packaged Crisps

These are some of our members who manage the day to day affairs of BEAR when our leaders aren't on.

[BEAR] and who we're looking for

We take a rather laid back approach towards Guild Wars 2 so we don't have draconic requirements for our guild members nor do we force a regular schedule as we understand people have different obligations and things to attend to in real life. We have set WvW raid times but they are encouraged, not enforced. Our priority as a guild is to have fun and enjoy what we do be it PvE, WvW or something else. The only other requirement is that you represent us 90% of the time, the other 10% being your personal guild banks if you have any.

In WvW, we do small ops, blobbityblob or organized guild raids. Currently the majority of our WvW force is on Blackgate. We have our serious moments but we also sometimes fool around with "dorito golem zergs" and other random activities such as cliff diving with a zerg. If you're looking for hardcore nightly GvG, we aren't for you and besides you'd be hard pressed to find OCX guilds to GvG against every night. If you're looking for fun WvW with mature (mostly, most of the time) players with limited stress with the aim of getting better, that's us!

Although we do a lot of WvW, the majority of us also focus on other aspects of the game such as PvP and farming dungeons, fractals, achievement hunting, trolling bad PvE guilds and world events. If you think you'll have fun with us, join us!